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Равиндранат Тагор (Тхакур):

Oh! Mother, let my mind awake slowly on this sacred shore of the sea. Where great souls of the world have come together to offer their pranams. Here with outstretched hands we bow down to the Divine in human form. In bounteous poetry and in great joy we adore thee. Behold here oh! Seeker the mountain in meditation with rivers resounding and dancing to the solemn music of heaven. Adore here your Sacred Mother Earth where great souls have come together on the seashore to offer their pranams.
Nobody knows in response to whose invitation so many souls who have gathered here like a turbulent current of river that has come and dissolved itself in the Divine Ocean. In this sacred place Aryans, non-Aryans, Dravidians, Afghans and Moughals have come and dissolved their individuality in One Supreme Being. West has opened her door for everybody to get their blessings. Here everybody will come together and exchange gifts. Nobody will go empty handed from this seashore where great souls have come together to offer their pranams.
They have crossed the great mountains and deserts singing the song of your glory from their hearts like martial music and got their seats in your Own Self. Oh! Rudra-Vina play your divine notes on and on, so that those who are still in doubt may throw away their doubts and will gather together on the seashore to offer their pranams.
Here one day the strings of our heart played the eternal tune of Omkara in praise of the Supreme One. In search of the Supreme One they performed penance for ages and offered their ego into the holy fire. By throwing away the bonds of difference, they have emerged into universal brotherhood. That place of religious homage where so much penance and sacrament had taken place is now open to all. We should bow-down here where the great souls have come together on the seashore to offer their pranam.
Come oh Aryans, come non-Aryans, come Hindu and Muslims. Come, come oh Englishmen, come Christians, come Brahmins, purify your heart, hold the hands of downtrodden and out-castes. Remove all ills and disrespect. Come quickly for the coronation of Mother, where the ‘Mangal Ghat’ has to be filled with sacred water which has been consecrated by the touch of the great souls who have come together on the seashore to offer their pranams.

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